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Linen is one of the most popular window treatment materials because it is airy, textural, and relaxed. Bleach-white beachwear, just washed bedding, and of course, flowing window coverings come to mind. Custom linen curtains are one of the most popular curtain alternatives, so you’re not alone if you’re thinking about getting some for your room. Best Curtains Shop has the best Linen curtains for you! 

Benefits of Installing Our Linen Curtains:

Linen Curtains

They are composed and reliable You’ll frequently see plain white, cream, and neutral-colored tailored linen curtains in spaces ranging from seaside bedrooms to formal dining rooms. Linen drapes are the ideal choice for both family homes and coastal holidays thanks to their soft hues and easy-going elegance.

  • The humidity doesn’t bother them at all: Linen drapes can withstand the humid atmosphere of coastal North Carolina, in contrast to heavy velvet and fragile silk drapes. Linen is a fantastic material for indoor-outdoor window curtains for your porch or deck because it is naturally antibacterial and mildew-resistant.

  • They are heat-resistant: Custom linen curtains maintain their coolness thanks to its well-ventilated design, unlike certain textiles that absorb heat or rapidly become sun-damaged and fade over time. They are one of our top choices for sunroom window treatments because of this.

They have excellent texture: You’ll like sifting through bespoke linen drapes with your fingers. Throughout the day, the slubby texture of the fabric is pleasing to the touch and to the eye, and at dusk or dawn, light will play off your window treatments. And even better, linen curtains only get softer with time, just like linen bedding do.

They are family-friendly: Given its durability, linen is one of the best materials for window treatments in kids’ rooms, nurseries, and even splash-prone kitchens and bathrooms. In contrast to more delicate textiles, linen doesn’t pill as easily either (though if you’re looking for pet-friendly window treatments, make sure to consult with your designer).

They perfectly fit everything: Custom linen curtains can fit any décor because of their versatility, from modern metropolitan lofts to hospitable rural entryways. If you frequently change the decor in your home or simply want an eclectic style, linen makes a terrific foundation for your window treatment design.

They are amazingly customisable: It’s not always easy to make linen drapes. Additionally, they can be altered with printed patterns, fashionable bespoke trim, embroidery, and pleats. They can also be layered with additional window coverings like bamboo shades, sheers, or blinds.

Linen Curtains

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